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Huawei has joined the largest non-profit Association of the IT industry in Russia

Huawei, a leading global supplier of infocommunication, infrastructure solutions and smart devices, has become a member of the Information & Computer Technologies Industry Association (APKIT).

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Huawei's membership in the most representative non-profit Association of the IT industry in Russia will allow the company to establish even closer ties with the Russian digital community. According to Huawei's executive in the Eurasian region, APKIT is an excellent platform for building various partner ecosystems.

Members of APKIT are the largest domestic and global companies in the field of software development and implementation, distribution, system integration, services, production of computers and equipment, the Internet, as well as niche associations. Companies that are part of APKIT occupy up to 70% of the market in Russia in many positions. Huawei is ready to offer many of these companies its unique technological experience, joint development of hardware and software solutions, as well as joint production.

"APKIT attracts the key players in the market, able to make a contribution to the development of the industry. Huawei has a huge potential for development in Russia and the formulation of an industry agenda for the digital economy, - said Nikolay Komlev, executive director of APKIT. - The Association welcomes a company of such high international level and competence as Huawei in its ranks."

Cooperation with Russian partners is carried out in accordance with the principles of Huawei's strategy for creating a unified digital society in Russia. The strategy, called TIGER (Technology, Industry, Growth, Ecosystem, Reliability), involves the joint development and use of technologies with Russian companies, the creation of industrial solutions, stimulus programs for partners and the creation of an ecosystem of digital solutions which will contribute to the accelerated development of Russia's own stable, reliable and independent ICT industry.

Huawei intends to focus on strengthening the achieved results and further growth in 2020. In order to help its clients to solve the challenges of digital transformation even more effectively, the company plans to actively invest in creating a global open ecosystem. The Association which unites various representatives of the IT industry is an ideal platform for implementing the goals set.

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