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Huawei Enterprise Business Group: 50% growth is planned in 2019

The annual partner conference of Huawei company in Moscow is one of the key event of vendor, where local and global tendencies in IT sphere, prospectives of business development and distribution channels on the Russian market, new technological solutions and products are discussed.

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This year the main attention was paid to such issues as the strategy of work of Huawei in the world and in Russia, ways of development of the partner network and improvement of the partner program, the formation of the ecosystem and the expert community, information security, interaction with the sales channel during the supply of equipment, service capabilities.

Opening the ceremony, Aiden Wu, CEO of Huawei in Eurasia region, announced that the company entered the prestigious club of market players and became one of seven technological companies with the turnover more than 100 billion dollars. According to preliminary results, the revenue of Huawei in 2018 amounts to 108.5 billion dollars, what is 17.3% more than in 2017 (92.5 billion dollars). Also the year was successful for Huawei Enterprise Business Group, working on the corporate market. The global revenue of Huawei EBG became more than 10 billion dollars, what is more 80% of the revenue was generated by the channel partners.

"That’s why I would like to thank our resellers, without them we couldn’t reach such a success", – said Aiden Wu. One more secret of the success is the corporate company culture, oriented on the client. The vendor pays attention to partners and requirements of clients. "We don’t just listen to you we adapt to your needs, – marked Aiden Wu. – The client is above all. The is the principle of our company."

Alexander Stolyarov, Deputy CEO, told that the turnover of Huawei EBG in Russia raised on 39% in 2018. This is the most high indicator beyond the China. "We have achieved that "critical mass" of business when deals don’t just come the easiest way, – he noted. – However we think that the previous year is a little delay before the serious start. This year we face the ambitious task to raise the business by 50%. Our turnover is Russia should achieve 100 million dollars. Huawei will become the producer number one in Russian and we will make it with our partners."

The large reserve for business development is hidden in regions. So, according to Alexander Stolyarov, the sales in the North and West district raised by 91% last year, in the Volga region by 66%, in the Ural region by 142% and in the Far East region by 61%.

And of course the company cares about the development of distribution channels. According to Du Peng, Head of department of the partnership, Huawei Enterprise in Russia, the company tends to become more attractive for partners: procedures of interaction are becoming more easy, the vendor is investing funds in teaching their partners key technological competences.

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