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Huawei and Jet Infosystems have opened a technology reference center

Huawei and Jet Infosystems have opened a demonstration reference center based on vendor technology solutions and including network infrastructure, computing power and storage systems. The equipment is located in the data processing center in the office of Jet Infosystems and ensures the functioning of internal business processes of the IT company on a permanent basis.

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Jet Infosystems is one of the leaders on the Russian market of system integration, annually implements more than a thousand major IT projects and selects the best solutions on the market both for customers and for the development of its own IT infrastructure. In the new reference center, the company together with its strategic partner Huawei decided to demonstrate its technological capabilities, as well as its unique experience of network migration, by creating a solution architecture close to the benchmark one.

"We always offer our customers only what we have experienced on our own. This is a rule that we have been following for 30 years, — said Vladimir Eliseev, CEO of IT company Jet Infosystems. — We created the reference center as part of our own project to modernize the IT infrastructure. In 2018-2019, we made a complete upgrade of the network and IT infrastructure, switched to Huawei and showed by our own example that it is possible to do completely seamlessly and unnoticeably for employees. During the project and now, during operation, we continue to work closely with Huawei and are ready to share our experience with our customers, talk about all the features of both technical implementation and business results."

"Russia has always been one of the first countries for all the most advanced Huawei developments to appear because we are convinced that this market has a huge potential for development and is open to new ideas, approaches and technologies. Thus, our Russian partners have a unique opportunity to test our technologies and solutions at an early stage and influence their further development –  said Xiao Haijun, CEO of Huawei Enterprise in the Eurasia region. – And we are especially pleased when our partners, who have access to many vendors, choose Huawei to solve their own problems. Moreover, they are ready to share this experience with their customers. I am sure that with the opening of the reference center, we will not only open another page in the development of relations with the Jet Infosystems company but also demonstrate the new opportunities of our technologies to the entire Russian IT market."

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