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Heads of RZD, FPC, Nornickel, Gazprom Energy Holding and Rosatom situation centers held session with suppliers within the preparation for TB Forum 2020

The consultative meeting, dedicated to the experience exchange on creation and exploitation of situation and dispatch centre between representatives of different spheres, was held within the preparation for TB Forum  on September 19.

Real cases, taking into account industry specifics, were commented by:

  • Nicolay Ilyin, Head of information systems management, special communications and information Department of the Federal Protective Service of Russia
  • Alexander Evsin, Deputy Head of the center of the organization of traffic of the Government of Moscow, Director of situation centre
  • Konstantin Gorbunov, Head of Situation center of monitoring and emergency situations management, Russian Railways
  • Sergey Vasilchenko, Deputy Head of Management of the organization of transportation – Situation centre director of Federal Passenger Company
  • Nikita Fedortsov, Head of Dispatch centre of Directorate of information and technology  systems and communication systems, Moscow metro.
  • Dmitry Alekseev, Head of Chief situation and analytical security centre, Nornickel
  • Elena Pakhomova, Deputy CEO – Head of expert and analytical service, Situation Centre of Gazprom Energy Holding
  • Nicolay Sologor, Chief engineer of Situation Centre of Gazprom Energy Holding
  • Maxim Timofeev, Deputy director, Situation and Crisis Center of Rosatom
  • Evgeny Frolov, Head of monitoring and operational management, Situation and Crisis Center of Rosatom
  • Maxim Karasev, Chief specialist of engineering and technical systems management, Sheremetyevo International Airport
  • Alexey Dorokhov, Head of development and support of information products service, Moscow canal
  • Sergey Petrilin, deputy Head of information technologies and communications, Moscow canal
  • Igor Kuzmin, Head of information products development department, Moscow canal
  • Alexander Yashchenko, Director of technical security means department, Cherkizovo Group
  • Andrey Pukhalsky, Chief specialist of dispatch control systems and automated process control and communication systems, Mosvodokanal

Representatives of the companies shared their technological expertise in the sphere of creation and operation of situation centers: Electronica, Transset, KeyGuard, Integra-S, ELVIS Neo-tek, ISTA-Systems, Systematic, IBS Platformix, Kaspersky Lab, SFERA, Borlas, DSSL, Positive Technologies, NAG.

Experts discussed following question in the format of brainstorming:

Designing and implementation:

  • Methodical and algorithmic approach to the construction of situational centers.
  • Prerequisites, requirements and components when planning and creating situation analysis centers.
  • Approaches to the construction of systems for predicting the operational situation and changes in the technical condition of the equipment.
  • Situation and analytical centre as the tool of corporate security
  • Experience in designenig and creation of situation centres.

Exploitation and development:

  • Intellectualization of situation centres. Creation of imitational models of development of control objects with a possibility to analyze different case scenario.
  • Help for directors in risk and problem assessment and making management decisions: pattern recognition, signatures of problem situations. Automatization of  information collecting process and speeding up making decisions.
  • Integration of information systems into the united information space to support decision-making on the basis of the situation center and the creation of modeling and forecasting tools.
  • Influence on indicators: productivity, efficiency spending, reliability and safety, brand value (due to new services and quality of logistics).
  • Collecting and analyzing of information about the condition of objects in the interest of security services and security units.
  • Using intelligent technologies: machine learning, Big Data, AI.

TB Forum

Dmitry Alekseev, Head of Chief situation and analytical security centre, Nornickel:

"The meeting within preparation for TB Forum 2020, during which an active dialogue with colleagues from other industries and suppliers took place, was useful for me. I met different approached to the solution of this or those tasks and problems in functioning of situation centers which I haven't faced yet. No doubt this experience will be used in future."

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