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Facebook Pay has started working in Russia

Facebook launched Facebook Pay, its payment system, in Russia. It was launched without any prior announcement or official statement and at the moment the service can only be used within the network to purchase the virtual Stars currency. The linking of Russian debit and credit MasterCard and Visa cards and PayPal accounts is supported.

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Silent launch

Facebook launched Facebook Pay, its own payment system, on the territory of Russia without prior announcement. This was reported by numerous Russian users.

According to the description of the service, it’s possible to use it to send money to friends, buy games and in-game content, make donations to charity or personal goals as well as buy and sell things in a branded marketplace and groups, purchase tickets to various events or promote an event, product or company through advertising on a social network.

Facebook Pay History

The Facebook Pay payment system was launched in mid-November 2019 and it’s the newest payment service in comparison with Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and others. The project was originally created to simplify transactions in Facebook's own services.

Facebook Pay was launched in the United States firstly and only in the social network and branded Facebook Messenger. Over time, it was connected to the Instagram photo service and to another messenger – WhatsApp.

The developers promised to add Facebook Pay to all the company's services as quickly as possible and launch it in as many countries as possible.

They didn’t give exact dates but during less than a year of its existence the system was working, not counting Russia, only in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Great Britain, Spain, Canada, Mexico, France and Thailand.


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