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Ericsson will provide MTS with radio relay lines

Ericsson will supply MTS, a Russian telecommunications operator and digital service provider, the equipment for upgrading and building new convergent transport networks in the Central, Far Eastern, Siberian and Southern Federal districts.

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Ericsson will supply MTS the high-speed equipment with a distributed architecture for radio relay communication of the new generation - MINI-LINK 6000 series, as well as the MINI-LINK 6366 outdoor modular solution. Radio relay communication (RRL) is one of the main technologies for connecting base stations. Solutions for radio relay communications are characterized by rapid deployment, the ability to effectively increase the bandwidth of radio access networks and a low cost of implementation compared to optical solutions.

"All Ericsson equipment has a long life cycle and ensures compatibility and continuity of product lines of different generations what will allow MTS to reduce capital and operating costs during the construction and expansion of RRL networks. The planned network development will be possible thanks to the modernization of the convergent MTS transport network using the promising MINI-LINK 6000 series functionality and this will improve the quality of services for MTS subscribers," - said Anatoly Ilyaich, vice president for development of radio and transport networks at Ericsson in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region.

The MINI-LINK 6000 series equipment is part of the Ericsson Radio System (ERS) integrated radio system.

Radio relay equipment under the MINI-LINK brand has been manufactured for more than 40 years and is constantly updated as new technologies for transport and radio networks become available. Ericsson's RRL solutions have a significant potential for the future in terms of functionality, as the MINI-LINK hardware development strategy takes into account a variety of long-term requirements from the radio access network to the transport network.

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