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DiHouse – the first official distributor of Doni home appliances in Russia

DiHouse (part of the Lanit group of companies) has signed a contract to supply home appliances under the Doni brand to Russia from China. diHouse will start shipping the first robot vacuum cleaners of this brand to Russian online stores in September 2020.

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Chinese electronics developer and manufacturer LEIYON Intelligence Technology Corp. has been developing its business for more than 15 years and exports its products to more than a hundred countries. The company began to design smart appliances for the home in 2014 on the basis of its own research center and it created the Doni brand in 2015 and now produces high-tech devices in the middle price segment under this brand.

"Our new partner produces robot vacuum cleaners that are available to a wide range of consumers. Prices for laser robot models start from 30 thousand rubles and a similar product of Doni brand will cost about 20 thousand rubles," - said Yuriy Katsiyaev, head of the Xiaomi ecosystem department at diHouse.

Three models of Doni robot vacuum cleaners will go on sale: V13, V16 with gyroscope and LDS 901Z – the laser one. All of them have several cleaning modes, including wet cleaning; built-in sensors that prevent collisions and falls; a programmable work schedule and a function to automatically return to the dock if the charge is coming to an end. In addition, the laser model can not only build but also save a map of the room what allows users to clean the most polluted places on their own, assigning cleaning zones and setting virtual borders.

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