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Industry cases of digital transformation: transport, industry, fuel & energy, banks. Direct dialogue of customers, integrators and suppliers of solutions and technologies

Digital transformation is announced the cross-cutting theme of TB Forum 2020. The topic is supported in a special section of the exposition of the technology review and the business program of the Forum. Issues of information technology implementation and digitalization will be discussed in the sections of industry conferences and in a separate event called "Digital transformation. The practice of implementation of information technologies: industry case studies".

A consultation meeting "Digital transformation. Industry case studies" will be held on October 17 within the preparation to the business program of TB Forum 2020.

Suppliers and customers will discuss the implementation of information technology and digital transformation processes in transport, industry, oil & gas, energy sector, banking.

Topics to discuss:

  • Industry 4.0. Experience of transformation of Russian enterprises: robotics, industrial IoT, integrated digital control platforms. Experience in the development and integration of automation solutions and performance tracking in manufacturing in large corporations.
  • Approaches to the implementation of crosscutting digital technologies in the electricity and oil/gas sectors. IIoT platforms, cloud computing and big data architecture, smart sensors, machine learning, computer vision, analytics. Digital solutions for business process automation. Issues to ensure the sustainability and security of infrastructure, especially in critical areas.
  • Digital transport. Intelligent transport system. Information technologies in the transport sector: urban traffic management using AI, the development of road and transport infrastructure based on big data and predictive analytics, the use of IoT solutions on transport.
  • Digital banking. Digital technologies in the field of security and cybersecurity.

Representatives of digital transformation departments, automation departments, information technologies departments are invited to participate: RUSAL, Mechel, Severstal, EVRAZ, Nornickel, KAMAZ, Russian post, AK BARS Bank, VTB, Aeroflot, Sheremetyevo, Rosneft, Business Lines, Russian Railways etc.

TB Forum

Andrey Kolesnikov, Director of the IOT Association:

"TB Forum is a place where professionals meet. Besides, the event is connected with tradition – this isn’t the first Forum. Companies that are professionally engaged in security come here, and there is a review of the latest technologies, meetings with customers, potential customers, state institutions of power. TB Forum is a main "party" in the field of security."

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