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Developers, management companies and security system manufacturers discussed technologies for urban security and smart quarters

The construction of innovative pilot "smart" quarters and public spaces in Moscow, the organization of public safety of apartment buildings, interaction with law enforcement agencies and emergency services, the integration of intelligent systems were discussed by the representatives of the Moscow Government, the administration of the South-Eastern district, management companies, property developers and developers of solutions and security technologies on the 15th of April.

Within the consultative meeting "Smart and safe city. Smart quarters» Ivan Parkhomenko, head of projects of the information technologies Department of Moscow, told about the results and prospects of the pilot project "Smart quarter in Maryino". Alexey Yakimov, Deputy head of the Department of Informatization of the prefectural of the southern district of Moscow, told about the directions of development of the smart quarter in Maryino. The pilot project "Smart Quarter" is implemented by the Government of Moscow on the territory of seven apartment buildings in the district of Maryino. The goal of the project is to integrate advanced technologies into existing buildings to improve the quality of life, ensure comfort and safety and optimize the expenses of the city and residents.

Yuriy Drallo, deputy head of  the state institution Evagd, supported the idea of interaction with law enforcement authorities to ensure comfortable and convenient living conditions. The state institution Evagd is occupied with management, exploration and keeping social-significant facilities of the urban infrastructure.

Key discussion points:

  1. Regulatory and organizational moments. Reduction of criminality in the conditions of "smartization". What approaches exist and what needs to be improved. Smart dispatching offices.
  2. Smart approach scaling on building groups, quarter, district. What technologies and services does the city plan to develop? What synergy effects are expected in the interaction of the city, business and citizens? Opportunities and obstacles.
  3. Improving the efficiency of video surveillance systems in public places and entrances. Implementation of intelligent facial recognition systems to improve public safety. Intelligent territory lightening with maximum energy efficiency to raise the level of public safety etc.


  • Yuriy Drallo, Deputy director of Evagd
  • Yana Slavutich, analyst, Department of complex projects management, Information Technologies Department of Moscow
  • Ivan Parkhomenko, project Director, Information Technologies Department of Moscow
  • Roman Chugunov, head of Department of economic safety, JSC "Rublevo-Arkhangelskoe"
  • Ilya Zagrebin, product manager, A101 company
  • Nikolay Zolkin, Deputy CEO, IT director, JSC "City XXI century"
  • Irina Drozdova, Deputy director of information modeling, JSC "City XXI century"
  • Andrey Yakushev, CEO, GK-Expert
  • Aslan Yandiev, CEO, group of companies "Expert"
  • Stanislav Olesov, Head of the department, state institution "Information city"
  • Alexander Shevchenko, Head of informatisation and migration issues, "Moscow Security"
  • Ravi Syamiullin, engineer of technical inspection, PIK Group
  • Igor Chebotkov, Head of the low-current system group, PIK Group
  • Dmitriy Banar, head of Department of low-current systems management, PIK Group
  • Sergey Kurenkov, Deputy security director, management company "Housing district Khoroshevo-Mnevniki"
  • Alexey Yakimov, deputy head of the department of informatization of the Prefecture of the South-Eastern district of Moscow

TB Forum

Representatives of such companies as Elektronika, Russian broadcasting and warning networks, Borlas, Prosoft-biometrics, Kaspersky Lab, Alphaopen, Wisenet Samsung, Beward, Transset, 3C Group, Rebetech, Sputnik participated in the opinion exchange, formulation of proposals and solutions to improve the level of security of city and discussion to integrate modern intelligent technologies to solve the tasks.

As a result of the event, it was decided to create a working group and include the next event in the annual program of meetings.

 We invite manufacturers and suppliers to choose options for participation in the review of technologies at TB Forum 2020 and effectively use series of meetings with customers for the development of your business and sales.

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