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Cybersecurity of automated control systems of critical facilities. Customer cases, explanations from the FSTEC of Russia

On September 17, 2020, within the preparation to the XXVI International Forum of Security & Safety Technologies, an online conference on cybersecurity of automated control systems of critical facilities will be held with the support of Information Security magazine.

Customers and manufacturers will discuss the implementation of the Federal law on CII security and requirements to ensure the security of significant facilities of critical information infrastructure, customer cases, trends and technologies for the protection of automated control systems. The main provisions and practice of applying methodological recommendations for the definition and categorization of CII fuel and energy facilities. Explanations and answers to questions from the FSTEC of Russia.

Partners of the conference

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The event is aimed at representatives of companies from various industries that are related to the law on the security of critical infrastructure of Russia: heads and specialists of information security and cybersecurity departments from large enterprises of key sectors of the economy: industry, oil and gas, fuel and energy, transport, banks, government agencies.

The conference program includes:

  • Main provisions and practice of applying methodological recommendations for the definition and categorization of CII fuel and energy facilities

Evgeny Novikov, head of the security department of fuel and energy facilities and critical information infrastructure, department of economic security of the fuel and energy sector of the Russian Ministry of energy

  • Trends and technologies to protect the automated control systems 2020 from Check Point Software Technologies

Anton Berezovsky, information security engineer at Check Point Software Technologies

  • Import substitution practices in ensuring network security of critical facilities

Alexey Dolgikh, lead manager for corporate clients at UserGate

  • Experience of conducting cybersecurity audits of automated control systems of operating nuclear power plants

Denis Babaev, head of department of normative-technical cyber security, VNIIAES JSC

  • Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity in information security systems of critical facilities: from a differentiated approach to an integrated ecosystem

Alexander Poznyakevich, business development manager at Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity

  • Practical experience of implementation of information security solutions at industrial facilities: features, problems, solutions

Ayrat Mukhametshin, lead engineer of the cybersecurity department of automated control systems, InnoSTage group of companies"

  • Competence problems in implementing the requirements of 187 Federal law on the example of the region

Alexey Vinogradov, head of the information security department of the Sakhalin regional informatization center

  • Features of functioning of the centers for monitoring and responding to information security incidents

Konstantin Samatov, member of the Association of heads of information security services

  • About cyber intelligence and cybersecurity of critical facility

Georgy Petrosuk, director of information technology department of the National Research Center "Zhukovsky Institute"

  • About the security of the critical information infrastructure of Russia

Elena Torbenko, Deputy head of the FSTEC of Russia,

Alexey Kubarev, Deputy head of the FSTEC of Russia


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