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Customers and suppliers will discuss advanced technologies for safe and smart city within the Anniversary TB Forum

II International conference "Digital transformation: from safe city to safe region" will take place on February 11, 2020 with the Anniversary Forum of Security and Safety Technologies. The curators of the event are: the Government of Moscow, the Moscow City Duma, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

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Digital transformation in the today’s world and Russia touches upon many industries, which are allocated in cities – utilities sector, energy sector and transport, health and human services. Development of digital platform let improve the efficiency of urban systems and resources management, develop innovative infrastructure, create comfortable, ecological and safe urban environment and improve the quality of life of citizens. The whole complex of issues should be solved for that, which involve not only modernization of transport infrastructure but also the deploying of advanced digital infrastructure, penetrating of crosscutting technological solutions on the city management.

Among invited to participate are: Heads of subjects of Russia, representatives of executive authority bodies of Russia, responsible for smart and safe cities, directors of leading Russian and foreign developers of IT solutions.

Thematic blocks

Block 1. Smart city for sustainable development. Effects to control.

Merging real and virtual. How does the smart city work? State participation in the intellectualization and digital transformation of cities. The features of transformation of Russian cities. The way from local smart solutions to the integrated intelligent infrastructure.

Block 2. Advanced technologies for safe and smart city: practice of implementation of local mart solutions. Experience of regions

Features of transformation of Russian cities. The way from local smart solutions to the integrated intelligent infrastructure. Digital technologies on urban transport.

Block 3. Safety in smart city

Internet of Things, systems of video analytics and acoustic control, integrated systems of public warning and fire safety, artificial intelligence to ensure security, systems of forecasting on the basis of Big Data analysis, cyber security. Intelligent transport system, urban traffic management using artificial intelligence, development of traffic infrastructure on the basis of Big Data and predicative analytics.

Experts and participants: Alexander Gorbatko, Deputy head of Department of Information Technologies of Moscow | Dmitry Golovin, Head of urban video surveillance department, Department of information technologies of Moscow | Pavel Mityagin, Counselor of Department of regional safety of Moscow | Dmitry Alekseev, Deputy head of Department for interaction with law enforcement agencies and public organizations, Main Directorate of regional safety of Moscow region | Sergey Protopopov, Head of Directorate of corporate development and investment projects, Department of Transport of Moscow | Andrey Kharitonov, Chairman of "Construction of buildings", expert of "Sustainable development of cities and settlements"| Denis Falin, Deputy Director of transport security, Department of transport of Moscow | Dmitry Tur, Head of information and technologies systems development and communication systems, Moscow metro | Elena Balashova, Head of Department of information technologies and communications, Administration of Tolyatti | Alexey Karapuzov, Deputy Head of Administration of Nizhny Novgorod | Denis Chamara, Chairman of the Committee on Informatization and communication of Saint Petersburg | Nikolay Rodichev, Monistry of communication and information technologies of Arkhangelsk region | Alexander Arkhangelsky, Government member of Kaluzhskaya region – Ministry of digital development of Kaluzhskaya region | Anton Alekseev, Advisor to the Governor of the Rostov region | Ivan Lobatsky, Deputy Director – Director of development and operation of automated systems, Hardware and software complex "Safe City", Saint Petersburg State Institution "Urban Monitoring Centre" etc.

In 2020 the Forum is supported by such partner companies as: Dormakaba, TRASSIR, Panasonic, Institute of engineering physics, Wlibor Systems, Neoscan, Confident, Security Code, Elvis, Kaspersky, Smart Line Inc., Hanwha Techwin, Epotos, Supertel, IBS Platformix, Infowatch, ABLOY, Electronika, Integra S, Transset, Rostelecom Solar, GCS, Stilsoft, Elvees Neotek etc. Join us!

TB Forum

Alexander Gorbatko, Department of Information Technologies of Moscow:

"TB Forum is a traditional platform for security. The Department of information technology of Moscow has historically supported the consortium of organizations and like-minded people represented here, which is aimed at ensuring security. The Forum discusses modern technologies that are developing not only in our city, but also in the world. The tasks are not limited to the scale of the city, we are talking about the use of technology to create various services. These technologies affect the changing of security landscape".

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