During the Russia – Africa Economic Forum in Sochi, bilateral contracts were concluded for a total amount of more than 800 billion roubles (about 12.5 billion US dollars). This was announced by the adviser to the president of Russia Anton Kobyakov. He added that more than 500 contracts were signed.

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The main agreements are the following:

  • VEB.RF, Russian Export Center (REC), Sberbank and Gemcorp Capital LLP signed a framework agreement on the creation of a trade finance mechanism between Russia and Africa for 5 billion dollars.
  • Efko group and the Egyptian company United Oil signed an agreement of intent. They plan to create a joint venture for the production of vegetable oil products.
  • VEB.RF, REC, African Export-Import Bank and National Petroleum Company of the Congo (SNPC) signed a memorandum of cooperation on a pipeline in the Republic of the Congo.
  • VEB.RF, REC and Moroccan company MYA Energy signed a memorandum of cooperation which states the possibility of financing the construction of an oil refinery in Morocco.
  • Russia and Ethiopia signed an intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in the peaceful uses of atomic energy.
  • Rosgeologiya entered into an agreement on the terms of technical cooperation with the Rwanda Council for Mining and Hydrocarbons. It implies the participation of Rosgeology in the creation of a laboratory complex.
  • Rosgeologiya signed a memorandum with the Ministry of Mineral Resources of South Sudan, implying cooperation in creating a system for managing these resources.
  • Rosgeologiya concluded an agreement of intent with River Nile State of the Republic of the Sudan. They plan to cooperate in the sphere of systematization of the geological database on the mineral potential of the region, geological monitoring of the environment and the organization of control over the extraction of mineral resources.
  • Giprotsvetmet of Rostec Corporation, African Export-Import Bank, Vi Holding group and REC signed an agreement on the creation of an interstate platform for the implementation of mining projects in Africa.
  • Rosatom and Rwanda signed an agreement on building a center for nuclear science and technology in the republic.
  • The International Agency for Sovereign Development concluded agreements and became a consultant to the governments of Niger, Guinea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The agency will attract investments in the amount of more than 2.5 billion dollars for development different programs in these countries.
  • Avtomatika company signed a contract with Angolan mobile operator Movicel S.A. on protecting the company’s IT infrastructure.
  • Transmashholding entered into an agreement with the Egyptian National Railways on the supply of 1,300 carriages worth more than 1 billion euros.
  • Uralkhim ​​and Grupo Opaia SA signed a memorandum on the construction of a carbamide plant in Angola.