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Complex security of industrial, oil and gas and fuel and energy facilities

The complex security and anti-terrorist safety of industrial, oil and gas and fuel and energy facilities will be discussed at the online conference "Complex security of industrial, oil and gas and electric power Facilities" on March 31. Register yourself →

State policy and legislative regulation in the field of protection of industrial facilities, the oil and gas sector and the electric power industry. Complex security and anti-terrorist protection of facilities. Security management centers, situation centers. Perimeter protection technologies for fuel and energy, oil and gas and industrial facilities. UAV: protection of the upper hemisphere. Cybersecurity in security systems.

Technologies and solutions: perimeter security solutions | perimeter alarm systems | video surveillance systems | access control and management systems | anti-ram barriers | location systems | radar, electric, magnetic, acoustic, optical sensors | inspection systems | penetration monitoring and blocking systems | fences and barriers | tools for engineering monitoring of territory | automated security system | cybersecurity

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In the conference program:

  • Complex security systems from TwinPro Group of Companies for industrial facilities
    Anton Shitikov, project manager of TwinPro
  • Complex solutions for building security and fire and video surveillance systems for explosive zones
    Rustam Khusainov, Deputy development director, SMD company
  • Technologies for temporary strengthening of perimeter protection and organization of mobile security lines for the period of maintenance and reconstruction of the main security line
    Igor Konnov, Head of corporate sales, Forteza company
  • Experience of perimeter protection at facilities with harsh external influences
    Yuriy Gordeev, Deputy CEO of SKICHEL research and production enterprise
  • Complex security of industrial, oil and gas, and fuel and energy facilities
    Andrey Kluev, CEO of UMIRS company
  • Organization of security systems at agricultural facilities
    Alexander Yashchenko, Head of technical security equipment department, Cherkizovo Group PJSC
  • Prevented damage as one of the indicators of the effectiveness of inspection and control activities
    Valeriy Lesnykh, Advisor of CEO of Gazprom Gaznadzor, LLC

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