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Cisco increased revenue in Russia by 16% in 2018

The volume of Cisco business in Russia grew up on 4.37 billion rubles in 2018 and reached 31.86 billion rubles compared to 27.49 billion rubles the previous year.

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The company operates in Russia through two legal entities.

The revenue of the first of them, Cisco Solutions, grew up on 18% in 2018 and reached 29.8 billion rubles. The similar indicator of the second one, Cisco Systems, decreased by 13%, reducing to 2.06 billion rubles.

Thus, the total revenue of the corporation increased by 16% in Russia.

The pure gain of Cisco Solutions increased to 2.7 billion rubles in 2018 compared to 1 billion rubles the previous year, Cisco Systems – up to 158.5 million rubles vs 61.6 million rubles in 2017.

It’s interesting to note that Cisco company didn’t conclude any direct contract with state companies in Russia during 2018.


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