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Chinese company Shenzhen Sunwin won the tender to implement the 2nd stage of the Safe city project in Kyrgyzstan

The state committee of information technologies and communications and the tender commission announced the results of the competition.

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Preference was given to Shenzhen Sunwin Intelligent Co. Ltd, since the company's application met several standarts: the requirements for the tender documentation were carried out, the applicant also offered the lowest estimated cost – 2.65 billion soms. The application of the Vega company, implementing the first stage of the Safe city project, was rejected, as the company didn’t provide a certificate of absence from the debt to the Tax service and the Social аund. In addition, the company BIS was also a contender to win the tender.

The winner of the second stage of the Safe city project will install software systems in 7 regions of the republic, in 2 cities of republican value and in 15 cities of regional significance, as well as in 73 residential areas. In total, 314 hardware and software systems need to be installed in Kyrgyzstan. The maximum tender amount was 5.79 billion soms.

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