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BellSoft and VMware join forces for the evolution of OpenJDK

Russia's BellSoft has announced a global partnership to support the Java runtime environment with VMware company, one of the innovative leaders of corporate software development. BellSoft provides VMware with its core Liberica JDK software product to use the VMware Tanzu platform by customers. Working closely with the OpenJDK community, BellSoft and VMware join forces to take the performance and usability of the Java development and execution environment to a whole new level while maintaining its unsurpassed security. Liberica JDK (Java Development Kit) is andevelopment and launch environment of Java application on the OpenJDK base that has passed the Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) tests for compliance with the Java SE standard.

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"Together with our partners we want to bring completely innovative ideas to the industry to provide customers with fast and professional technical support, a high level of trust and tools to ensure the security of the Java platform. We are proud to partner with a global company that offers such an extensive product line to the market and we are confident that we have earned the recognition of leading experts in the modern IT market thanks to our joint plans and actions," - said Alexander Belokrylov, CEO of BellSoft.

The two leading developers will work together to improve the Java platform and develop the user community. VMware customers will be able to appreciate all the advantages of Liberica JDK – a software with open source and transparent support. The product guarantees the improved quality and security during the runtime when launching, building and administering critical applications. The Liberica JDK technical support team will handle requests from VMware clients and solve any issues that may appear in the Java environment, including unexpected security and performance issues. Now VMware has a reliable partner who can help to deal with complicated and non-trivial cases without delay.


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