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Axis Communications products has received the certification of Rosatom

Rosatom has certified Axis Communications video surveillance equipment of the P13, P14, P33 and Q60 series for installation at nuclear facilities. All cameras have passed the mandatory tests regulated by Rostest for use at nuclear facilities on the territory of Russia.

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In order to reduce financial and time expenses for suppliers and customers, Axis Communications independently organized certification of its video surveillance equipment by Rosatom to ensure physical security and protection at nuclear power facilities: this will allow to avoid passing separate tests for each delivery. After approval of all necessary documents and technical checks, the certification was given to the models of the P13, P14, P33 and Q60 series produced in Russia and most demanded by end users.

The certification process took more than a year and included a full review of documents, production chain and CCTV cameras. The direct test drive of the products was carried out by Rostest, which tested its performance in difficult conditions and in emergency situations. The camera was tested also for resistance to conductive interferences, electromagnetic fields and critical temperatures.

"The primary goals of Axis are to build longterm and reliable relationships with our partners and customers and to follow the requirements of the legislation of the countries where we are represented. When the order No. 277 on July 27, 2017 on certification of equipment for nuclear power facilities came into force, we decided to minimize the chain of necessary inspections for our customers and integrators by certifying the entire lines of video surveillance cameras. This reduces the financial and time costs for all participants of the chain and excludes the use of unlicensed equipment," – said Alexander Savinykh, Key account manager, Axis.

The full list of certified products: P1363, P1364-E, P1365 Mk II, P1365-E Mk II, P1367, P1367-E, P1368-E, P1434-LE, P1445-LE, P1445-LE-3, P1447-LE, P1448-LE, P3367-V, P3367-VE, P3374-LV, P3374-V, P3375-LV, P3375-LVE, P3375-V, P3375-VE, Q6000-E MK II, Q6054 MK III, Q6054-E MK III, Q6055, Q6055-C, Q6055E, Q6055-S.



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