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Artificial Intelligence will think about security

Selectel, provider of cloud and data-centers services, and Salt Security, producer of information security equipment, reached out the unique platform to protect API to the Russian market.

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Experts consider attacks on the program interface of API to be the most serious threat for corporate and information systems. Salt Systems developed and patented the solution to detect and prevent attacks on API of mobile, web, IOT applications, Saas and micro services the first in the world. Compared to the traditional tools, it protects from modern attacks, using individual vulnerabilities in the logic of separate API, efficiently.

Using artificial intelligence for detailed analyze of precise API, the solution of Salt Security defines features of its normal and abnormal behavior. In the future it will let find and block attacks on the stage of investigation.

This service monitor continuously everything in the automate mode, including non-legitimate updates and changes of protected API. This allows to detect "blind zones" in the real time mode and to prevent the access to the confidential data. Besides, they use attackers as testers, providing  users with detailed facts about detected vulnerabilities of API after each attack. Thus, developers can understand better existing risks and manage them.

Alexander Tugov, director of services development, Selectel: "Today API is an inseparable part of the Internet, mobile and web-services from  messengers to the application "bank-client". Transactions will be made via API, including confidential datas. The responsible business estimates risks and show the interest to the modern security tools, which can fight more regular and complicated attacks. The list of companies, among which is the largest domestic retailer of goods for construction and repair Petrovich, use already the new service."

Roy Eliyahu, the co-founder and CEO of Salt systems: "In the whole world companies more often provide employees, customers, clients and partners with services via application with API. Their vulnerability create the growing problem of security, which can’t be solved by traditional tools. In the partnership with Selectel we are glad to present our solution on the Russian market and help business to respond to the actual challenge."

Gartner analysts consider that API will be the main aim of cyber criminals by 2022. Cloud Security Alliance refers unsafe API to the three main threats of cloud computing. Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) names unsafe API as the main reason of 9 out of ten vulnerabilities, including in the OASP Top 10 report.


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