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All surveillance cameras in Moscow will distinguish by faces

On October 22, 2019 it became known that all video surveillances cameras in Moscow will include face recognition function. It was said by Vladimir Kolokoltsev, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

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"The most large-scale network numbering about 3 thousand  intelligent video cameras with face recognition is unrolled in Moscow. Further this function is going to be equipped in all city cameras which total quantity exceeds 160 thousand," — he told (TASS provides the message of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs).

According to Kolokoltsev, the system of face recognition helps police officers to investigate more effectively crimes and also simplifies "the analysis and forecasting of an operational situation".

"Modern police officers have a broad spectrum of technologies and tools of which our predecessors could not even dream. Learn to use these resources, develop new approaches effectively and it is possible to fight crime only on the basis of cooperation of law enforcement agencies using achievements in the field of high technologies today," — the Interior Minister reported.

He also reminded that the Russian police officers successfully used technical capabilities for prevention of crimes and acts of terrorism within the actions for security during the 2014 Winter Olympics and the FIFA World Cup of 2018. 

Surveillance cameras in Moscow are located in the subway, entrances, schools, kindergartens, at  stadiums and in other places of mass stay of people. Earlier in 2019 it became known that using the systems of face recognition in the capital about 300 people were delayed in two years. So, since  the beginning of an experiment in the subway (it  began in  March, 2018) the technology promoted detention of 62 people who are in federal search.

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