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Aliexpress will support Russian business by canceling the commission for sellers

"Aliexpress Russia" plans to reset the commission for Russian sellers — this measure is made to help small and medium-sized business during a difficult period. Russia will be the first country with zero commission.

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"The trend for the raising consumer demand from offline to online is not new — we have seen it for all 10 years of the existence of Aliexpress. The current boom in online orders is caused not only by the development of online services - buyers are being cautious about visiting stores. In this situation, online sales channels become the main ones for the business. And many businesses are now in a difficult situation. We want to support manufacturers and suppliers not only as a platform for product placement, but also as a partner: reseting the commission encourages newcomers to try trading online, and gives experienced online sellers the opportunity to trade with maximum marginality - through the marketplace," - said Dmitry Sergeev, CEO of Aliexpress Russia.

Reseting the сommission will only affect Russian entrepreneurs and will not apply to sellers who are residents of other countries. Currently, Aliexpress has more than 10 thousand Russian sellers, whose assortment includes more than 1.5 million products in almost all categories of the marketplace: fashion, household appliances and electronics, goods for children, home, garden, repair, cars, sports, as well as cosmetics and consumer goods. Among the new categories that are being developed on the website since 2019, products for mothers and babies (49% of turnover) and accessories (25%) are leading. Next are beauty and health products (19%), clothing and footwear (7%).

Global events have stimulated the business of Russian sellers on Aliexpress in recent weeks. During the quarantine in China (February — early March) sales of Russians on Aliexpress Russia increased by 20%.


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