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Alibaba Group and Group have announced future CEOs of AliExpress Russia

Alibaba Group and Group have announced names of two CEOs who will manage the joint enterprise AliExpress Russia.

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The joint enterprise is owned by Alibaba Group, global company in the sphere of digital commerce, MegaFon, national Russian operator of digital opportunities, Group, leading internet and IT company in Russia and Russian direct investment fund. Alibaba Group nominate Lu Wei, head of AliExpress in Russia; Group nominate Dmitry Sergeev, first deputy CEO. CEOs will start their work after all necessary approvals and finishing all transactions under the conditions of agreement.

Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba Group: "Lu Wei has many years of experience as a managing officer in the sphere of digital commerce both in Russia and China. He has unique competencies for a position of co-director of AliExpress Russia. He played a very important role in taking AliExpress to the level of the leading platform of electronic commerce in Russia. His deep knowledge of the Russian market of digital commerce will be a key factor in developing commercial infrastructure in Russia and CIS".

Boris Dobrodeev, CEO, Group: "I’m glad to announce that Group nominated Dmitry Sergeev as CEO of AliExpress Russia. Dmitry is a perfect candidate, he has a broad expertise and deep knowledge of social media and e-commerce markets. He will ensure AliExpress the place in innovations in the sphere of digital technologies and digital commerce".

Lu Wei, co-director of AliExpress in Russia: "I will be glad to start working as CEO of AliExpress Russia after finishing all procedures and will work on the creation of profitable conditions for customers and internet users in Russia and CIS. I will also wait for possibilities to work on the development of digital economy of Russia and CIS together with CEO, nominated by Group".

Dmitry Sergeev, co-director of AliExpress Russia: "I will be glad to try a new role in AliExpress Russia. Together with Lu Wei and all team we will create a leading company in the local and transboundary segment of market of digital commerce".

Russia will hold a control package of shares of AliExpress Russia and the Council of directors will include representatives from Russian direct investment fund, Alibaba Group, MegaFon and Group.


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