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A new Philips Ingenia 1.5T M.R.I machine was launched in the Medsi clinical hospital

The new Philips Ingenia 1.5T magnetic resonance imaging was launched at the center of radiation diagnosis at the Medsi clinical hospital in Otradnoe. The system allows to define more clearly the boundaries of tumors and get high-precision images for planning and timely delivery of medical care to patients.

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Medsi clinical hospital is a multi-profile medical institution equipped with advanced equipment. The launch ceremony of the new device was attended by Rodion Stupin, operating director, member of the management board of Medsi group of companies, Pr. Tatyana Shapovalenko, chief medical officer of Medsi clinical hospital in Otradnoe and Nikolay Sivak, commercial director of Philips Healthcare in Russia.

"The Philips Ingenia 1.5T M.R.I. machine provides high performance of radiology departments, excellent imaging quality and patient comfort. Thanks to dStream technology the device is able to generate accurate digital images quickly and the IntelliSpace Portal intelligent platform available in Medsi expands the possibilities of expert analysis – said Nikolay Sivak, commercial director of Philips Healthcare in Russia and the CIS. – The use of modern high-tech equipment is an essential condition in institutions with an active patient flow, such as the Medsi clinical hospital. We are pleased that the experts of the group can appreciate the benefits of the new Philips M.R.I scanner today".

"Active implementation of advanced medical technologies in clinical practice using the most modern equipment is one of the main components of Medsi's mission. Medsi group of companies carried out a program of modernization and expansion of its radiation diagnostic base successfully and in a short time in 2019-2020 by updating its M.R.I machines, CT scans, x-rays and mammographs. More than 25 units of high-tech equipment were purchased and put into operation. Investments in this project amounted to about 1 billion rubles. Strategic partnerships with global market leaders such as Philips and GE allow to accumulate the latest technologies in our clinics, improve the professionalism of our doctors and make high-quality diagnostics available to patients," - said Rodion Stupin, Medsi's operating officer.

Stable image quality in all areas of application of the system is combined with clinical versatility, which allows to use the tomograph in oncology and full-body M.R.I. Digital noise on images is reduced up to 40% so specialists can distinguish even the smallest changes in the structure of the studied organs and tissues and get a high level of diagnostic accuracy. Patient comfort also increases: the time spent inside the M.R.I machine is reduced by 2-3 times.

Radiologist Danil Malutin, head of the radiology department of the Medsi clinical hospital in Otradnoe, noted the important features of the new M.R.I: the ability to visualize changes in soft tissues at the level of installed metal implants, as well as the availability of a full package of programs for neuroradiology and tumor diagnostics.

For the most effective analysis of medical images of all modalities, Medsi has a Philips IntelliSpace Portal professional radiological system, which combines the entire radiology diagnostics service of the network on the basis of a single platform. The solution contains about 70 applications for expert analysis of medical images, decision support and minimizing the human factor in data interpretation.

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