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2TEST has become the authorized partner of Hytera in Russia

2TEST company, the Russian producer, supplier and integrator of technological solutions in the sphere of communications, IT and industrial automation, has become the official partner of Hytera Communications Corporation Limited, the manufacturer of professional radio communications systems (PMR), on the territory of Russia on products and system solutions of DMR and TETRA standards.

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Within the concluded partnership, 2TEST company has become the supplier and integrator of TETRA and DMR Hytera radio communication systems within the creation and development of radio communication systems for corporate and department customers. 2TEST company has chosen Hytera as the partner because its products are leaders on the PMR market for many years and the company has the reputation of high estimated and quality radio systems producer.

At the moment, 2TEST is developing projects in the sphere of creating and updating DMR and TETRA networks, including supplies, penetrating in the existing infrastructure of radio communication and systems service, base stations and portable radio stations of TETRA and DMR protocols.

Radio communication systems of DMR and TETRA standards by Hytera are competitive by key customer requirements: reliability, quality and duration of work.

Radio station

Among portable devices TETRA Hytera 2TEST offers radio stations:

  • Portable radio TETRA Hytera PT580H Plus
  • Explosion-proof radio stations TETRA Hytera PT580H Plus
  • Explosion-proof radio stations TETRA Hytera PT790Ex
  • Portable radio stationsTETRA Hytera Z1p and Hytera PT560H

Besides TETRA portable radio stations, the customers of 2TEST are interested in integrated base stations Hytera DIB-R5, mobile radio stations, complex platforms and systems of professional radio communications of TETRA standards, also presented among 2TEST products.

The equipment of Hytera radio communication is one of the most safe and protected for using at manufacturing enterprises, in metallurgy, electric power industry, transport and municipal spheres. Thanks to such exploitation features as explosion proof, protection from outside influence and interruption, Hytera solutions are popular among rescue service and fire protection service.

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