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International Trends Demo Area

The INTERNATIONAL TRENDS Demo Area - is a modern booth in the central part of the exposition where Non -Russian companies will present their products and solutions. The flag of your country will be placed on your booth.

This special offer is for the Non-Russian companies willing to:

✓ Attract consumers

✓ Find new partners

✓ Rise brand awareness in Russia

✓ Bring new products and solutions to Russian market

✓ Become a real trendsetter

Learn more about the special offer here or contact  Project Coordinator Anna Zabora

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Before the show:

✓ Exhibitor's personal Contact Center page creation in Groteck Smart Event System. At the personal web page Exhibitor is allowed to publish logo, news releases, pdf and video files, interviews and other info that will draw attention of the audience to the Exhibitor's activity at the trade show: its seminars, presentations, Keynote sessions and so on 

✓ Lead generation services 

✓Intensive advertising campaign

During the show:

✓ First 6 companies applied for the Demo Area will be provided with the opportunity to make a 15 minutes expert report (CXO level) on the Global trends of the Information Security market for free 

The exhibitors also have an option to give a commercial presentation which will be included in the Business Program (according to the price list) 

Onsite appointment support

After the show:

✓ The exhibitors’ presentations and booklets will be uploaded to their

personal contact centre page !

✓The exhibitors will receive a list of qualified leads

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