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A Brief History of International Vendor Entering The Russian Market

We understand the frustration of international vendors entering the new country market by exhibiting at big trade shows. They came once, understood the importance of relationships to finding a good partner, faced difficulties with it, didn't get any response...  and decided never return.

Market overviews and the dry numbers don't tell the full story. If you are international vendor and would like to win in the Russian Security Market you should travel to Russia in order to establish and maintain relationships with partners and to understand changing market conditions.

What do top performers do differently? There is no magic pill (we checked ;).
They simply do little things right, which lead to big results:

  • Introductions to the right people 
  • Face-to-face meetings with potential sales and solution partners
  • Networking with experts and potential customers
  • Lead generation (to top-up pipelines)
  • Testing real proposals and approaches
  • Getting response of the market demand 
  • Getting feeling of the market opportunities and key success drivers
  • Highlighting strengths and weaknesses to improve forecast accuracy
  • Exploring marketing touch points that will increase brand awareness

Would you like to get dedicated support in promotion, meetings and introductions?
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