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Aviation security: respond to modern threats

With security concerns intensifying, the security of flying increasingly depends on cross-industry and multistakeholder dialogues and collaboration to tackle new and shared vulnerabilities.

Maintaining active surveillance, alerting security personnel to potential threats and long-range detection capabilities remain prevalent challenges for perimeter security at airport facilities.

TB Forum Safety & Security Technologies 2018 gathers directors for the safety of airlines and airports from Russia and CIS countries under one roof. Heads of aviation security are meeting with representatives of Federal Air Transport Agency at the conference program in order to find new products and solutions to serve their needs. Inspection equipment, perimeter fence systems and video surveillance are in the spotlight.

Your Direct access to the Security Heads of major airlines and airports in Russia:


Andrey Antonov, Head of Aviation Security Service of Kogalym International Airport: "Participation in the conference on transport safety at TB Forum 2017 was very useful. I managed to get the most relevant information for my profession right from the from the Heads of Federal Air Transport Agency. In the exposition of the next Forum I would like to see the latest innovations of inspection equipment, perimeter fence systems and video surveillance. These security systems are crucial for airport security."

Manufacturers, developers and integrators are invited to demonstrate their solutions, the latest products and modern methods and technologies for ensuring the safety of transport infrastructure facilities, transport hubs, passengers and cargo transportation:


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