Meet Safe City Trade Leads at TB Forum 2017

TB Forum powered by Intersec "Safe City" conference and special exposition on 7-9 February 2017 will focus on preparations for the upcoming FIFA 2018. It will also cover the issues related to the implementation of Safe City hardware software complex elements at 2018 World Cup


Safe City Kaliningrad

Alexander Oliferchuk,
Managing director

"In the field of implementation of the Safe City Hardware and Software Complex project, server hardware, data storage systems are still exclusively of foreign production. No alternative of the Russian made currently exists in the market. Partially, we could switche to the products of domestic production - this applies to data transmission network, but, again, not to the server equipment. I think that now there are no problems for foreign companies to work in the Russian market, it is completely open to them.

Cost-effective security systems are of course in demand during the crisis, but that does not mean that as customers we are willing to compromise on quality. We are even ready to stop the project for a while, so as to refrain from compromising on quality issues".



Safe City Rybinsk

Alexander Prozin
Director of the Municipal City District Office

"The main task for our city in the framework of the Safe City Complex is a Monitoring and Situation Centre development. For these purposes we're going to attract funds from the regional budget, it's about 6 million rubles.

Safe City Complex has implemented only by 50% nowdays. But now the real work is ahead of us to ensure Complex implementation.

The city needs to increase the number of CCTV cameras in public places and emergency communication systems "Citizen - Police". In addition, there are plans to integrate existing subsystems of city enterprises to the centralized system for analysis of the urban environment level of security".



Dmitry Kostrov,
CEO's counselor

"Today, almost all the security systems market segments have Russian analogues, however there is much tension around the issue of their quality and full-featured service. There are good domestic developments in the segment of access control systems however in terms of functionality and availability of various “features” they still cannot compete with more advanced products of major foreign vendors. The same applies to proposals for integrated systems of physical security and information security, taking into account the systems of control for major corporations. In my opinion, the field of APCS cybersecurity is underdeveloped, in particular for critical facilities and infrastructures. In this security sphere, business leaders almost certainly prefer foreign systems, which sometimes pass certification according to our requirements".

Today, Safe City Hardware and Software Complex in Russia is mainly based on foreign products and technologies, especially in terms of information gathering, communication systems, data processing and analysis, foreign geographic information systems and process control systems.
Moreover, segment of the telecommunication equipment, in particular, in the construction of backbone networks is also dominated by foreign vendors.

60% of Safe City Complex equipment nomenclature is still dominated by foreign vendors and there are still no domestic counterparts. Connecting of CCTV cameras, sensors, control rooms, and systems to transfer, store and analyse huge amounts of data, information devices to all participants and branches of the computer appliance, introduction of the single emergency number 112, modern software, preparedness of all services and agencies – these are only a few aspects of the Safe City complex designed to guarantee safety of the population in Russia.

The amounts being spent on the Safe City Complex are staggering – $392,8 million annualy by 2018 to reach a total spendings of $ 2,1 bln. It is planned to establish Safe City complex in all cities of Russia by 2020. One of the main point for Safe City Complex developing in 2016-2017 is the provision of the safety via Complex during forthcoming FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia.

While Russian government procurement is substantial, private entities, mainly in Retail, Oil&Gas, Manufacturing Industry, Transportation, Banking, Power Generation & Energy are also important buyers of a wide variety of security equipment. Totally, that totally keep up to 82% of the all market volume. And they form the key TB Forum audience: 52% of visitors are end-users (buyers) from the government and the biggest enterprises.

If you are willing to meet people in charge of implementing and purchasing security systems for Safe City Complex and demonstrate the advantages of your equipment and solutions, submit your proposal to participate at TB Forum 2017