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How to Get In Touch with Key Decision Makers of $2,1 bln Russian Security Market

Globally, big vendors' marketing strategy is aimed to the events with increased ROI. Most of international companies prefer to focus on the big projects and large private Russian customers in industry, retail, real estate, construction, medicine, health and education sectors since Russian large corporate segment remains stable. The traditional trade show format with its cumbersome constructions build up only for image and prestige and huge expenses is loosing its efficiently nowadays. Thus, global vendors prefer educational seminars and ConfEx format events.

This is exactly what we are doing at TB Forum powered by Intersec. TB Forum is a widely-known national physical security event which runs in the new environment and brings together the high profile visitors representing the most of purchasing power buyers. Must-attend event for the Hi-End security products buyers and vendors.

While Russian government procurement is substantial, private entities, mainly in Retail, Oil&Gas, Manufacturing Industry, Transportation, Banking, Power Generation & Energy are also important buyers of a wide variety of security equipment. Totally, that totally keep up to 82% of the all market volume. And they form the key TB Forum audience: 52% of visitors are end-users (buyers) from the government and the biggest enterprises.

Could be interesting for you to visit to look around and get an opinion about this part of market.

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Loss Prevention and Shrink Control in Retail

The most important driver for the  physical retail security market  is the need of retailers to safeguard their property, staff and customers. Retailers also use physical security as a deterrent to prevent shoplifting and crime. Loss prevention and security issues are

continuously gaining more importance. Retailers also view loss prevention as an essential management tool. Even though retailers spend significant sums of money on physical security solutions, they have still not been able to control the rising trend in shrinkage. Retail shrinkage increases with increasing retail sales. 

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2018 World Cup in Russia: Public Safety and Security in Crowded Places

Sadly the events in Paris and more recently the suicide bombing of Brussels airport and Metro have underlined the difficulties of protecting crowds in public spaces. There is certainly a recognition, Europe-wide, that more should be done at stadiums, airports and transport hubs, entertainment venues, shopping centres and other public spaces. With Euro 2016 just weeks away, had strengthened security requirements for the fan zones, for example, by tightening entry controls by means of the systematic frisking of spectators and the use of CCTV in all fan zones. Now is the favorable time and the right set of circumstances for international security vendors to be involved to big projects in anticipation of 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

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Broadening Access Control Business Beyond Security

Identity Management and Access Control Conference

In response to budget tightness, customers are driven to determine their demands for access control more specifically. They tend to go beyond security applications in their requirements. Standalone solutions give way to cross-platform, integrated access management systems that offer a solid investment protection, simplified organizational processes, and improved efficiency.

Adding value to business operations sets the agenda of the second Identity Management and Access Control Conference that takes place on November 24, at All-over-IP Expo 2016 in Moscow.

Beyond Security!

Functions like visitor management, workforce management, tracking employee productivity, parking space administration, generating traffic reports by time-of-day/day-of-week, incorporating data from business systems (quality control, maintenance cost, inventory and warehouse control, hourly labour costs) turn an access control solution into a comprehensive business tool.

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